Creator's Note

Creator's Note

FMF is my life motto.

It stands for Fly Manolo Fly and describes something I keep saying to myself over and over again. It describes my need to always move forward, to constantly progress... my need to fly.

I believe we are all born with it. With invisible “wings” that, even if we learn to forget, are there, and if we believe it, they make us fly.

After many years in professional sports, from exhausting trainings to long-awaited successes, quite a few disappointments and some celebrations, I have learned to live with the dream to always reach higher, not to give up, to try again and again until I finally make it.

The FMF clothing collection comes as a natural answer to my desire for creation and my love for style.

It is a new endeavor for me, that will come as an addition to my main identity. I will still be a professional athlete, still focused 100% in my sport, but I will also "train", "compete", try, and hopefully succeed in another field too. I will still be myself, wearing the clothes that make me feel equal, simple and meaningful. For this, I picked natural colors, a minimal-urban design, premium fabrics and trusted our manufacturers in Greece for the production.I hope you like them as much as I do!
Emmanuel Karalis aka Manolo